In the Mood for: The Living Room.

I have everything I need for the living room already, except for curtains. So once the new paint, Revere Pewter, goes on the walls, this room should feel instantly like home.

livingRoomThe sofa is the Emory from Room & Board. It should fit in the new space just fine. We are going to swap out our current coffee table for the boys’ play table from RH Baby & Child. I think this is a smart idea so we have some toy storage downstairs. (Their new playroom is going to be in the attic!) The rug I already have. Two upholstered chairs with a little leggy table between and an upholstered ottoman should also fit nicely. And our big leather chair will finish out the room.

The living room is the only room that is actually bigger than in our current house. It’s about the same width, but is much longer. The ceilings are much lower though. I’m not sure how tall they are where we live now, but a 10-foot-tall Christmas tree did not come close to touching. In the new house they are only 8 feet tall. I am hoping our horse painting will fit on the wall behind the sofa, but there is a chair rail there and I’m not sure it will. Fingers crossed! If it doesn’t, we did find a wall that it will work on, but it’s kind of an odd place for a painting. Oh well!! The adventures of downsizing!!



In the Mood for: The Dining Room

Here I go again—planning ahead. How very unlike me. This must go to show you how very excited I am!!

diningRoomI want to paint the new 12-foot by 12-foot square dining room in Flint by Benjamin Moore. It’s what’s currently around my fireplace and in my bedroom and I’m not quite done with that color yet. I think it will add a nice elegant feel and will let the furniture and art pop.

The art I already have. The green topiary balls I already have. The rug, too. I will have to get a new dining room table. My current table is far too large to fit in this space. I’m thinking something round and reclaimed, like the one pictured above. I’m keeping the chairs and going to try to make the console table fit, too (it will cross over a window, so I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet), so the new table will have to work with what I have. I’m hoping with the sale of my current dining table, I’ll have enough to buy the smaller table and …

… a wooden beaded chandelier! Plus the curtains (at $9/pair, that shouldn’t be too hard. Thanks, Ikea!!) But again, nothing is set in stone just yet. We’ll have to get in first and see how things come together.

In the Mood for: The Boys’ Bathroom.

boysBathroomI am super excited. We don’t even close on our new house until February 21, and I’m already making mood boards! The house was built in 1978 and parts of it are very dated. The boys’ bathroom is perhaps the worst offender. I have a few ideas to freshen it up and since it’s so small, I think it’s going to look adorable.

First order of business is to tear down the awful mirror and sconces. Anyone want?? Also, there is a sliding glass door attached to the tub that will have to come down. The tile surround is not terrible—sort of your typical khaki stone—but I’d love to replace it with fresh white subway tiles. And the floor (I can’t even remember what is there now) just begs for this modern take on a classic mosaic.

The room, like much of the rest of the house, is going to get a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, my favorite, on the walls. I plan to paint the wooden vanity a rich green, Valspar’s Lime Twist. I think the hardware can stay. The mirror will be replaced with a mirror I already own and new, inexpensive sconces (hello!! $18.50 each!!) will go in. I’m even toying with wallpapering just the mirror wall with this cute, graphic pattern from Sherwin Williams.

The sliding door will be replaced with the shower curtain we already have and still love. And then we’ll be done! With one room. Of many 😉


update: here’s their bedroom, just for fun. nothing new here—just a fresh coat of paint on their dresser. hello green!


House Hunters

We have looked at a lot of houses since we listed ours. And even more since ours went under contract. We wanted to downsize our mortgage but not give up our quality of living. So, our wish list was long: good schools, 3-4 bedrooms, nice backyard, basement (or space for Tripper’s office), cosmetic updates ok. Here’s a look at a few that caught our eye …

houseHunt1. “Misty”
Immaculate. Cute curb appeal. In our price range. Great schools. Big back yard. Didn’t totally love the street it was on. Swim/tennis neighborhood. Three bedrooms. Basement.

2. “Wellington”
Cute curb appeal. Low-end of our price range. Great schools. Very dated inside (hello maroon wall-to-wall carpet!). More than just cosmetic upgrades needed, but at that price?

3. “The House on the Hill”
Great curb appeal. Slightly over price range. Great schools. 4 bedrooms. Basement. Backed up to a busy road. Large swim/tennis neighborhood.

4. “New Jack”
Adorable. Slightly over price range. Basement. Finished attic (playroom for boys?). Three bedrooms. Great front yard. Questionable back yard. Country club neighborhood. Did not like the way the house sat on the lot. Good elementary school. OK middle and high schools.

5. “Persimmon”
Adorable curb appeal. Over our price range. Basement. Finished attic. Three bedrooms. Big, fantastic flat back yard. Country club neighborhood. Good elementary school. OK middle and high schools.

6. “That 70s House”
Potential curb appeal. In our price range. Good elementary school. OK middle and high schools. Everything would have to change. Over time. Country club neighborhood. Nice neighbors. Four bedrooms. No basement. Pool!

7. “The House with the View”
On a golf course. Beautiful view. No basement. Large master. Two small spare bedrooms. Lots of mirrors. Lots of windows. Good elementary school. OK middle and high schools. Small yard.

8. “DEEE-kle”
In Athens. The most like our current house. Under budget. Beautiful finishings. No basement. Three bedroom. No yard. Big common-area lawn directly across the street. Private schools a must.

9. “The Other One”
In Athens. Down the street from DEE-kle. Under budget. Lovely interior. No basement. Three bedroom. Small yard. Also near big common-area lawn. Private schools a must.

10. “The One That Got Away”
In Athens. Already sold by the time we got to see it.

11. “Normaltown”
In Athens. Super cute. Super tiny. No basement. Nice yard. Tiny rooms. Good elementary school.

12. “The Falling Down House”
Amazing on the inside, but part of the outside was literally falling down. Huge rooms. Four bedroom. Way under budget. Basement. Large screened porch. Nice neighborhood. OK elementary school.

It’s funny how you nickname houses. I guess you do it to remember it after seeing house after house. We actually liked a few of these, one in particular. Our offer was accepted last night! I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m not going to say which. Care to guess? Closing is set for February 21. Stay tuned!

Under Contract.


After four years of making this house our home, we are selling it. *Sniff!* Close friends and family already know, but Tripper has decided to quit his job and start his own agency (more details later). I really want this to be an exciting chapter in our lives and not a financially stressful one, so we are looking to downsize a bit for a more affordable mortgage.

Here is a look back at the home we’ll be leaving behind.5222838_101_125222838_301_125222838_401_1065222838_501_175222838_601_175222838_701_175222838_801_185222838_901_205222838_A01_205222838_B01_885222838_C01_225222838_D01_155222838_E01_155222838_F01_145222838_G01_165222838_H01_1025222838_I01_103


A lovely young couple from New York City will call this place home come February 21. I will truly miss this special house. So many memories made here—but I know another adventure, another house to transform, is just around the corner!!

House hunting anyone?