In the Mood for: The Dining Room

Here I go again—planning ahead. How very unlike me. This must go to show you how very excited I am!!

diningRoomI want to paint the new 12-foot by 12-foot square dining room in Flint by Benjamin Moore. It’s what’s currently around my fireplace and in my bedroom and I’m not quite done with that color yet. I think it will add a nice elegant feel and will let the furniture and art pop.

The art I already have. The green topiary balls I already have. The rug, too. I will have to get a new dining room table. My current table is far too large to fit in this space. I’m thinking something round and reclaimed, like the one pictured above. I’m keeping the chairs and going to try to make the console table fit, too (it will cross over a window, so I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet), so the new table will have to work with what I have. I’m hoping with the sale of my current dining table, I’ll have enough to buy the smaller table and …

… a wooden beaded chandelier! Plus the curtains (at $9/pair, that shouldn’t be too hard. Thanks, Ikea!!) But again, nothing is set in stone just yet. We’ll have to get in first and see how things come together.


One thought on “In the Mood for: The Dining Room

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