In the Mood for: The Living Room.

I have everything I need for the living room already, except for curtains. So once the new paint, Revere Pewter, goes on the walls, this room should feel instantly like home.

livingRoomThe sofa is the Emory from Room & Board. It should fit in the new space just fine. We are going to swap out our current coffee table for the boys’ play table from RH Baby & Child. I think this is a smart idea so we have some toy storage downstairs. (Their new playroom is going to be in the attic!) The rug I already have. Two upholstered chairs with a little leggy table between and an upholstered ottoman should also fit nicely. And our big leather chair will finish out the room.

The living room is the only room that is actually bigger than in our current house. It’s about the same width, but is much longer. The ceilings are much lower though. I’m not sure how tall they are where we live now, but a 10-foot-tall Christmas tree did not come close to touching. In the new house they are only 8 feet tall. I am hoping our horse painting will fit on the wall behind the sofa, but there is a chair rail there and I’m not sure it will. Fingers crossed! If it doesn’t, we did find a wall that it will work on, but it’s kind of an odd place for a painting. Oh well!! The adventures of downsizing!!



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