What a difference some paint can make!

One room down, many to go!!

We took a break from all the unpacking to paint our living room. The walls were a shiny, lime citrus when we moved in and last week we turned them a very flat, deep charcoal with navy undertones (Benjamin Moore’s Flint color-matched at Sherwin-Williams because hello—30% off coupon in our change of  address packet. Yay!).

It took us about nine hours to tape off the walls (my least favorite part) and paint two coats (including drying time and a dinner/bathtime break for the boys)—and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Let’s see how close we stayed to the mood board I made before we even moved in …

livingRoomAnd now for the real thing … I haven’t found our camera yet, so iPhone photos for all!

livingRoomFlintFrom the other side …

livingRoomFlint2And here is the before, from the MLS listing.


livingRoom2Crazy different, right?

So, how closely did I stay to the mood board I made? Pretty close. If you’re an eagle eye, you’ll notice that I hung a different horse picture on the wall. The one I initially intended to hang over the couch was just too tall. It really bugged me. So I used the horse picture I had planned for the dining room and brought that into the living room instead. That change prompted the change in wall color. I just love that pop of red from the horse on the deep gray/navy. The only other major difference is the curtain choice. I went with $9.99/pair white curtains from Ikea instead of the $19.99 ones I thought I’d pick. I just couldn’t justify the cost—this room has eight panels and we are downsizing for a reason!! The curtains are really on the thin side, but spring and summer are coming so I think it’s ok.

And there you have it. I do want to hang some more art (maybe this?)  and have ordered two pillows that will bring some kelly green into the room. I’m all gung ho for kelly green in the powder room, so I think that’ll be a nice tie in. Plus I have big plans for the back of the front door.

Next up? I think I’ll be starting on the dining room. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “What a difference some paint can make!

  1. Beautiful job Holly. Looks like a magazine. You are so talented. I love where you put the desk….you will enjoy sitting there.

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