My dad had a dream the week before last that some of the big, scary trees on our property smashed our house and hurt the boys. He was so shaken by this dream that he went straight to the bank the next morning and withdrew enough money for us to have a bunch of trees removed. Thank you, dad!

The process was fascinating. In a nutshell, a climber climbed up to the tip top of the trees, cutting off branches as he went. Then he cut the top off the tree, then the top third, middle third and bottom third. Our trees were all 95+ feet tall. And when they fell, you could feel it in your bones. The next day a crane came to pick up all the pieces. When all was said and done, we had a full open bed semi truck filled to top with huge trees. Crazy.


I did feel a bit badly about taking down healthy trees, but they were dangerous to our house as well as two of our neighbors. And before they were cut down, I confirmed that they would be reused. All the pines were lumber grade, so hopefully these will eventually be turned into someone’s new home or a new school or a tree house for some lucky kid. The branches were all turned into mulch, which we are in the process of spreading in several areas of our own yard. Reduce, reuse, recycle.